Svetlana Mladenovic lives and works in Belgrade but keeps feeding her curiosity with frequent wanderings to other near and far places. She obsessively uses photography for exploring the world, thus not feeling tied to any particular genre. Although she prefers documenting the reality as she sees and feels it, she also enjoys constructing fictional narratives. Up to this date, she remains faithful to the film as she believes the grain reflects her way of perception and comprehension much better than the pixel does, and as film brings once again that forgotten slow pace to the whole process of image making which feels quite relieving in today's world filled with fast-moving images and consumer goods.



"My main focus in photography is the relationship between men and the environment, in particular the people's doing in the modern world of today, which often tends to be rather paradoxical and bizarre, and the consequences it leaves on the environment. Mainly what interests me is how people interact with it, how they change it, shape it and than reshape it all over again, and even though quite often people do not actually appear in my photos point-blank, in each of them one can clearly see their omnipresence through their impact."                                                                    ~ S.M.~